It gives an illuminated, purified and uniform appearance thanks to the antioxidant, nourishing and balancing activity of Gold Clay, the Pro-Age Complex, Turmeric and Vitamin C.
For all skin types, particularly for impure and acne-prone skin.


Instructions for use: Apply on cleansed and dry skin avoiding the eye area; leave to act for 15 minutes and rinse.

Jeju Jori: It is the smallest bamboo plant from the island with an illuminating and antioxidant action. A rich source of phenols and antioxidants such as p-coumaric acid, which have antioxidant and skin lightening activity, in fact it promotes the inhibition of melanin transfer, melanin synthesis and inhibition of the tyrosinase activity. The result is skin that glows and that radiates well-being.
Gold Clay: Clays are natural minerals derived from sedimentary rocks. They consist of extremely fine particles of silicates and various trace elements. Gold clay is particularly rich in micronutrient minerals (zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper and manganese) which help maintain a good skin balance. It helps to cleanse and purify and for this reason it is particularly effective on impure skin and with excess sebum. It also has a brightening action, an excellent electrolytic exchange capacity, is purifying, astringent, remineralising and gives radiance. Thus skin will appear glowing and toned.

Anti-ageing complex: A safe, stable, plant-based alternative to retinoids for skin ageing treatment. In fact, it acts by stimulating cell proliferation, differentiation and production of the extracellular matrix.

Vitamin C: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a stable form of vitamin C, it is enzymatically broken down on the skin and releases active Vitamin C. It is therefore an effective antioxidant that protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. It also counteracts skin ageing by promoting the formation of collagen.

Fermented Strawberry Tree Extract: The strawberry tree is a plant belonging to the Ericaceae family, native to the Mediterranean. It has a soothing action that is useful in the case of skin inflammation. The arbutin contained in the leaves has lightening properties which are useful for the cosmetic treatment of spots. The leaves and fruits are mainly used for the high content of vitamins, such as vitamin C and E and antioxidants.


INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Kaolin, Cetyl alcohol, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Propanediol, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Glycerin, Oryza sativa starch, Butyrospermum parkii butter (*), Glyceryl stearate, Parfum, Stearic acid, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, Elaeis guineensis oil, Gossypium herbaceum seed oil, Bidens pilosa extract, Linum usitatissimum seed oil, Sasa quelpaertensis extract, Curcuma longa root extract, Arbutus unedo leaf extract, Opuntia ficus-indica extract, Saccharomyces ferment lysate filtrate, Lecithin, Xanthan gum, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl palmitate, Mica, Benzyl alcohol, CI 77891, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium PCA, CI 77491, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate.


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