Cosmesi Siciliana is certified Organic ECO COSMETICS by AIAB (Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica – Italian Association of Organic Agriculture ).

AIAB is the association representing the organic sector; it supports the interests of producers and consumers and promotes organic farming as a sustainable development model.
The AIAB Eco cosmetics biolabel guarantees that participating operators adhere to specific rules, listing ingredients that are allowed and not allowed, but above all a set of best practices:
– absence of raw materials that are non-vegetable, allergenic and irritant or deemed harmful to human health;
– completely OGM-free products;
– no animal testing;
– use of agricultural and livestock products originating from certified organic agriculture;
– absence of ecologically unsustainable materials, in the product and packaging.
For more info about AIAB, click here.

For more info about AIAB,, click here.